West Java Governor and Deputy Governor Service Vehicles Switch to Electric Cars

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West Java Governor and Deputy Governor Service Vehicles Switch to Electric Cars

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum. (Photo: West Java Public Relations)

Entering 2021, West Java Governor and Deputy Governor Service Vehicles Switch to Electric Cars
 _Kang Uu has also tried the electric car_

 BANDUNG CITY - Entering 2021, Deputy Governor (Deputy Governor) of West Java (West Java) Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said that in the first week of January, the official operational vehicles used by the Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java switched to using electric cars.

 Kang Uu has also been using an electric car today (2/1/21) by charging the battery in 30 minutes with a vehicle mileage of up to hundreds of kilometers.

 He explained, in addition to being environmentally friendly, electric cars can also save West Java Province APBD expenses related to fuel (Oil Fuel) spending.

 “As we all know, BBM is non-renewable energy. This means that the use of electric cars can reduce fuel consumption, ”said Kang Uu when contacted from Bandung, Saturday (2/1).

 As previously, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil and President Director of PT Hyundai Motors Indonesia Sung Jong Ha officially handed over three electric cars at the Pakuan Building, Bandung City, Tuesday, December 29, 2020.

 With this handover, West Java became the first province in Indonesia to have official operational vehicles in the form of electric cars.

 Electric cars of the IONIQ Electric and KONA Electric types are used for the Governor, Deputy Governor, and governor patwal police operations.

 Kang Uu added, using an electric car also adds to driving comfort because it is not noisy or no sound. In addition, this electric car from Korea Ginseng has an affordable price, around IDR 600 million per unit and is environmentally friendly.

 As reported by the official Hyundai website, IONIQ Electric has a capacity of 38.3 kWh and KONA Electric of 39.2 kWh.

 Using batteries as the main energy source, pure electric cars are free from emissions. Based on the calculation of the cost of using electricity (R2-R3), IONIQ Electric and KONA Electric each have an electrical efficiency of 0.138 kWh / km and 0.150 kWh / km and are able to cover a distance of 373 km and 345 km.

 With these various advantages, the West Java Provincial Government will gradually convert all official vehicles into electric cars.

 For this reason, Kang Uu also hopes that the regents / mayors will start budgeting to bring electric cars to his government. He also invited the public to also switch to electric cars because they are more environmentally friendly.

 "So starting from now, moreover electric cars are already available at dealerships. Electric motorbikes, electric cars and electric bicycles are now available," said Kang Uu.

 an. Head of the West Java Provincial Secretariat Leadership Administration Bureau
 Head of Material and Leadership Communication 
 Faiz Rahman