The Guardians of Students of the Medan TPI SLB School Regret the Foundation for Asking for Tuition Fees Even though the School Has Been Closed for Almost 1 Year

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The Guardians of Students of the Medan TPI SLB School Regret the Foundation for Asking for Tuition Fees Even though the School Has Been Closed for Almost 1 Year

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Medan @ global investigations news.

The parents of students from the SLB TPI (Islamic education park) school which is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto KM 7 number 5 - Harjosari I, Medan Amplas District, Medan, are starting to be surprised at the absence of policies at all from the school foundation to ease the payment of tuition fees.

This is complained of by parents of students whose children are in school at SLB TPI Medan, we are not asking for it to be free, but at least it is a policy from teachers or foundations to be able to provide policies related to the school which has been almost 1 year old.  on vacation due to COVID19.

 The school period was canceled but the foundation through the teachers kept asking parents to continue to pay tuition fees every month.
 It's not that we don't want to pay, sir, but at least the teachers or foundations understand, if we parents also have an impact on the economy of COVID19, if our children continue to go to school, it's only natural that we continue to be required to pay tuition fees, but this  Our children have been in school for almost 1 year, let alone studying at school, how come there was no policy from the government or assistance from the Ministry of Education and Culture for schools during this pandemic, parents of students told the global media crew investigating news at  Thursday (31 December 2020) at 09.45 WIB in the school parking lot.

 This SLB TPI school educates special children with various limitations, so it is very natural for the parents to feel like being defeated by the teacher or the foundation, considering that it makes no sense if students who have limitations should be equated with children.  normal children who go to public schools, considering normal children may not necessarily be able and master if they have to follow educational programs set by the government, namely the system of 'online learning, just think with common sense, said Bang Aan Maulana as a character  the community as well as observers from the world of education in North Sumatra and also the chairman of the DPC LSM TOPAN RI, when asked for comments regarding the foundation or the teachers who continuously demanded that tuition fees be paid off immediately.

 Responding to this, Aan Maulana in the near future will write to the Medan City Dikjar, and will question whether this TPI SLB school does not receive the Education Donation Fund (DSP) or the School Operational Assistance Fund (BOS), given the current policies of private schools  All allocate BOS funds to pay teacher salaries, and this does not violate the provisions of the Ministry of Education and Culture, because teacher salaries are also a support for the smooth operation of the school, so it's a shame if teacher salaries are taken from BOS funds or education donations.

 Following up on complaints from parents of students from the TPI Medan SLB school, the media crew tried to meet the school or foundation, but it was very unfortunate, when the media crew visited the school, there was not one person who could be met to be visited.  ask for information.

 Hopefully there is a solution or the best way from the Ministry of Education and Culture to be able to find a way out from the parents of students as soon as possible, because it feels quite unfair if the government issues a policy but it is not wise for parents of students, especially parents of students from SLB TPI Medan.  this.

 Reporter: Edy S. Purba
 Editor: Supri Agus.