Sertu E. Lau We Secure Worship at the GKKI Church

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Sertu E. Lau We Secure Worship at the GKKI Church

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Sertu E. Lau We Secure Worship at the GKKI Church

Surakarta, Babinsa, Serengan District Koramil 03 Serengan Kodim 0735 / Surakarta, E Lau We provide security during the Sunday morning service at the GKKI Imanuel Serengan Church. Implementing the security of this worship as well as checking the Adaptation of New Health Protocols (IMR) has been according to government recommendations or not, (03/01)

Security activities are the task of the territorial apparatus to provide a sense of security and comfort to every congregation who when carrying out Worship according to their beliefs, this time the security at the GKKI Church Serengan with the preaching of the word this Sunday morning by Pastor Imanuel S Suhartono STh MACE with a congregation of more than 80 people, "said Sertu E Lau We

Also on this occasion, Sertu E lau we said, This security is to ensure that the implementation of worship takes place safely and comfortably, we as territorial officers at Koramil 03 serend politely and sympathetically control the flow of traffic and continue to monitor parked vehicles both in the church yard and in the is on the side of the road.

This security activity is routinely carried out every Sunday and starts at 07.00 WIB so that the situation remains safe and secure in this morning worship. "
Pastor Imanuel also expressed his deepest gratitude to Mr. TNI (Babinsa), for carrying out the security on this Sunday morning so that our congregation who carried out worship could be calm without feeling anxious and worried because they were guarded by the TNI and this Church security guard. We really need the presence of TNI in the following days in every church activity agenda.

Security is carried out by members of the Koramil 03 Serengan as our concern as an effort to maintain security, order and smoothness in carrying out worship every Sunday. "The Pastor emphasized

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