Posbakumadin Is OBH, Accredited by the Minister of Law & Human Rights

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Posbakumadin Is OBH, Accredited by the Minister of Law & Human Rights

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Posbakumadin Is OBH, Accredited by the Minister of Law & Human Rights

Tanggamus - Posbakumadin was born from the PERADIN Advocate Organization (Indonesian Advocates Association) established in 1964 in Solo, Central Java Province, even referring to the existing Rules and Laws concerning Advocates, namely before RI Law 18 of 2003, while POSBAKUMADIN was born based on Law 16 2011  about the Legal Aid Organization (OBH).

 About what was conveyed by one of the Koranpagionline.com Media.  Misguided and as a decay against the Legal Aid Organization (OBH), the journey of legal assistance every citizen has the right to get legal assistance.

 Regarding technical assistance, we have done it according to the existing stages, related to the assistance of Educators and Educators, of course referring to Law 20 of 2003 concerning the National Education System which in Article 40 states that Educators and Educators are obliged to get legal protection, Sunday (03/01/2021  ).

 Furthermore, a more specific regulation, a derivative of the National Education System Law, was passed Permendikbud 10 of 2017 concerning Legal Protection of Educators and Educators, meaning that we must fully understand the existing legal basis.

 Regarding the issue of Advocate Services provided, of course, based on Mutual Agreement and Understanding, which is stated in the agreement, a person with a profession should already understand what to criticize, don't let the person who criticizes only understand the regulations halfway.

 "With the issuance of these regulations or rules, of course those who have clear legality and are legal entities can carry out what is mandated by the law.

 The facts in the field are a lot of educators and educators who, in carrying out their profession, feel that they are threatened, intimidated, and criminalized by irresponsible persons.

 Especially in the Legal Assistance cooperation that is carried out within a period of one year, for those who are accompanied by all educators and educators at the school, Posbakumadin is a Legal Aid Organization (OBH) that has passed Accreditation and Certification, Accreditation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights which is signed by  Minister.

 "About what was conveyed by Individual Media Koranpagionline.com.
 misguided, you must first understand the existing laws and regulations, if you really want to thwart or cancel existing regulations, you must understand very well the stages or please submit a Judicial Review to the Constitutional Court (MK), "concluded the Posbakumadin leadership.  AWPI / Heri Apriyanto).