Jokowi Mania Volunteer: UKM Party Must Enlighten Civilization, Maintain Diversity and Build Tolerance

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Jokowi Mania Volunteer: UKM Party Must Enlighten Civilization, Maintain Diversity and Build Tolerance

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Jokowi Mania Volunteer: UKM Party Must Enlighten Civilization, Maintain Diversity and Build Tolerance

 Jakarta - Immanuel Ebenezer, General Chair of Jokowi's Volunteers Mania (Joman) praised the activists and figures of Jokowi's Political Volunteers - KH Ma'ruf Amin for establishing the Small and Medium Enterprises Party (UKM Party). In fact, he said, the great UKM Party was also able to embrace several volunteer figures from Prabowo Subianto - Sandiaga Uno to join.

 According to Noel, Immanuel Ebenezer 's nickname is the courage and achievement to create a new party which is the alternative choice of society. Moreover, said Activist 98, the existing political existence does not provide healthy political education.

 "The image of political parties has been tarnished by the arrests of political party figures in corruption cases. So that people who are less satisfied can choose an alternative party such as the UKM Party. Congratulations on the formation of the DPP management of the UKM Party on January 1, 2021," said Noel, General Chair of Joman. contacted, Tuesday (05/01/2021).

 He appreciated the UKM Party which was coined by H. Bustan Pinrang and Syafrudin Budiman, SIP, for having the courage to take up the main mass of UMKM players, cooperatives and market traders. In fact, working on the community base of women, Millennial youth, media circles and disabilities.

 "The UKM Party is very segmentive in targeting the community's work. The founders of the UKM Party are very sensitive to the reality below, that SMEs must be empowered and their capacity increased, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic," said Noel.

 He also praised the UKM Party which declared itself as a mass-oriented cadre party. Where the Cadre Party was born to create new figures and figures who could fight for the ideals of the Party's struggle. Moreover, the UKM Party is based on Pancasila and is based on People's Economy.

 "If you see the vision of the UKM Party is very clear, to create and improve the welfare of the community together. Moreover, the mission is towards Social Justice, Welfare, People's Economy, Economic Equality, Economic Progress, Equality of Rights and Law Enforcement," said Noel.

 Noel also advised the UKM Party to guard and maintain national commitments as per the 4 National Pillars (Pancasila, UUD 1945, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika and the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia).

 It is hoped that the UKM Party will become a party that enlightens civilization by maintaining diversity, building tolerance and stemming transnational understanding. Whether it's right radicalism / religion or left radicalism (anarcho-syndicalism).

 "Our common duty, including the UKM Party, is to maintain Pancasila and maintain diversity. This means strengthening the national commitment to enlightening civilization," he said to the UKM Party.

 Finally, he said, he was pleased with the term in the UKM Party where fellow cadres and members called themselves Organic Intellectuals and Fighters. Where Organic Intellectuals are intellectuals who do not just explain social life from the outside based on mere scientific and scientific principles.

 "I think the UKM Party tries to use the words Fighters and Organic Intellectuals to interpret cultural language. Namely by expressing feelings and experiences of the realities of problems and problems that occur in society. Intelligent and militant," concluded Noel praised. (red)