East Tanjung Jabung Police Ready to Control Police Information

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East Tanjung Jabung Police Ready to Control Police Information

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Tanjabtimur-   GlobalInvestigasinews.co.id
 AKBP Police Chief Deden Nurhidayatullah. SH. S.IK, through the Chief of Police Opp Tanjab Timur Kompol Deni Mulyadi SE, allowed the information of the Chief of Police based on Number: Mak / 1 / I / 2021. " Tanjung Jabung Timur Police is ready to control and implement the information of the Chief of Police, "

 Based on the Joint Decision of the Minister of Home Affairs, Menkumham, Menkominfo, Attorney General of the Republic of Indonesia, Chief of Police and Chief of BNPT N: 220-4780 2020; M.HH 14.HH.05.05 Year 2020; 690 Year 2020; 264 of 2020; KB / 3 / XII / 2020; 320 of 2020/30 / December / 2020 on Prohibition of Activities, Use of Symbols and Attributes and Termination of Activities of the Front of the Defenders of Islam.

 "In order to provide protection and ensure the peace and security of the community after the joint decision on the ban on activities, the use of symbols and attributes and the cessation of FPI activities with this, the Chief of Police issued information," he explained.

 The information aims to ensure that the public is not directly or indirectly involved in supporting and facilitating activities and using the symbols and attributes of FPI. Then the public is asked to immediately report to the authorities, if they find the activities, symbols, and attributes of the FPI and do not take illegal actions.

 "Advancing Satpol PP with the full support of the TNI-POLRI to enforce order in locations where banners / banners, attributes, pamphlets, and other matters related to FPI are installed; and the public does not access, upload, and disseminate FPI-related content either through websites or social media, "he said.

 If an act is found that is contrary to the information of the Chief of Police, then each member of the Police must take the necessary action in accordance with the provisions of legislation, or discretion of the Police. "Thus this information, to be attention and implemented as it should be," he concluded. (T111k).