Details of the Allocation of Transfers to Regions and Village Funds (TKDD) in the 2021 State Budget

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Details of the Allocation of Transfers to Regions and Village Funds (TKDD) in the 2021 State Budget

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Jakarta - The Plenary Meeting of the Indonesian Parliament on 29 September 2020 approved the 2021 State Budget (APBN) Bill to be passed into a Law.  One of the important parts of the state expenditure is Transfers to Regions and Village Funds (TKDD), which amount to IDR 795.48 trillion.  TKDD consists of transfers to the regions amounting to Rp. 723.48 trillion and village funds amounting to Rp. 72.00 trillion.  As for Transfers to Regions and Village Funds include:

 Profit Sharing Fund (DBH) of IDR 101.96 trillion consists of Tax DBH of IDR 46.33 trillion of DBH of SDA of IDR 35.63 trillion and Underpayment of IDR 20.00 trillion.  taking into account the state's financial condition.
 The General Allocation Fund (DAU) amounting to Rp390.29 trillion, the Additional DAU is integrated into the DAU FY 2021 ceiling, with the following considerations: (i) the amount and requirement of PPPK salaries have been taken into account in the DAU TA 2021 Basic Allocation formula;  and (ii) in accordance with the provisions of urban village funding, it is expected that it can be fulfilled from the APBD.
 Physical Special Allocation Fund (DAK Fisik) amounting to Rp65.25 trillion, which includes 5 (five) Regular Physical DAK Fields, and 11 (eleven) Physical DAK Assignments.
 Non-Physical Special Allocation Fund (Non-Physical DAK) amounting to IDR 131.18 trillion, new policy directions with additional menus, namely: (i) Women and Child Protection Services Fund;  (ii) Investment Facilitation Fund;  and (iii) Food and Agriculture Security Fund.
 The Special Autonomy Fund, the Additional Infrastructure Fund for Special Autonomy and the Special Autonomy Fund of IDR 21.30 trillion.
 Regional Incentive Funds (DID) amounting to Rp. 13.50 trillion, which is allocated to regions to encourage increased performance of regional governments and support recovery and strengthening of regional economies.
 Village funds amounting to Rp72.00 trillion, which is allocated to the regions through improving the allocation and distribution formulations, focusing on restoring the village economy, and supporting the development of priority sectors.
 All processes for allocating TKDD for each Province / Regency / City have been in accordance with the allocation policy and have gone through the stages as stipulated in the legislation.  Therefore, if there are parties / individuals acting on behalf of the DJPK who promise something regarding the TKDD allocation of a region, it can be understood together that this is not true.  Every DJPK employee has committed not to receive gratuities related to the implementation of DGT's duties and functions.  Hopefully there are parties / individuals acting on behalf of the DJPK can be reported to us via the DJPK Call Center 0852-1408-7800.

 The details of the 2021 TKDD allocation can be downloaded via the following link:

 Profit Sharing Fund (DBH)

 General Allocation Fund (DAU)

 Physical Special Allocation Fund (DAK Fisik)

 Non-Physical Special Allocation Fund (Non-Physical DAK)

 Dana Otsus, DTI, Dais DIY

 Regional Incentive Fund (DID)

 Village Fund

29 September 2020