Danrem 162 / WB Appreciate the Hard Work of the TNI Engineers in Building the RTG

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Danrem 162 / WB Appreciate the Hard Work of the TNI Engineers in Building the RTG

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Danrem 162 / WB Appreciate the Hard Work of the TNI Engineers in Building the RTG


West Lombok NTB - Commander of Korem 162 / WB Brig. Gen. TNI Ahmad Rizal Ramdhani, S.Sos.  SH.  M.Han., Gave a briefing to the TNI Zeni soldiers after the task of accelerating post-gemba permanent housing development (Huntap) in Lombok, located at GOR Mini Patut Patuh Pacu, Gerung Utara Village, Gerung District, West Lombok Regency, Monday (4/1)  night.

 In his direction, Danrem 162 / WB gave his appreciation for the cooperation and dedication of the TNI Engineers who had been well tasked with building Earthquake Resistant Houses (RTG) even though they were faced with the Covid-19 pandemic situation.

 According to him, the presence of Zeni Soldiers from various engineering units, both TNI AD and TNI AL, has contributed a lot to accelerating the rehabilitation and reconstruction of people's homes.  Although there are a few problems related to Covid-19, almost all people have returned to their homes.

 In addition, in the two years following the 2018 earthquake disaster, TNI Engineers have succeeded in building more than 200,000 earthquake-resistant housing units (RTG) and have received appreciation from various parties, even the international world.

 "You have proven it in NTB and the efforts of colleagues are considered extraordinary by the UN to build quickly after the 2018 earthquake," said Danrem.

 For this reason, as the Danrem and the extended family of Korem 162 / WB and the people of NTB, Brig. Gen. Rizal Ramdhani expressed his gratitude and highest appreciation for the enthusiasm and hard work of the soldiers while on duty to build the RTG.

 "Hopefully, your sincere, sincere and patient intentions in carrying out this humanitarian mission are recorded as acts of worship in the sight of Allah, the Almighty God," he hoped.

 The number one person in the ranks of Korem 162 / WB also advised, while waiting for release and departure to return to their respective units, to maintain health, security and personal safety and always maintain the good name of the TNI institution and self-respect in public.

 "Don't be overly excited, stick to health protocols, always wear masks, keep your distance and wash your hands regularly with soap so that you are safe, healthy and not exposed to Covid-19," he appealed. (Kamto)