Dandim 0728 / Wonogiri Released 5 Members to Enter MPP

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Dandim 0728 / Wonogiri Released 5 Members to Enter MPP

Monday, 4 January 2021

Dandim 0728 / Wonogiri Released 5 Members to Enter MPP

Wonogiri - Commander of Kodim 0728 / Wonogiri Lt. Col. Inf Imron Masyhadi, S. E directly led the release ceremony for soldiers entering the Retirement Preparation Period (MPP), which took place in the Makodim hall, Monday (4/1).

 The Kodim 0728 / Wonogiri members who entered the MPP were Captain Inf Subandi (Danramil 14 / Jatisrono), Peltu Sularjo (Koramil 02 / Selogiri), Pelda Trinoto (Koramil 02 / Selogiri), Sertu Kiswanto (Koramil 14 / Jatisrono) and Sertu Sutaji (  Koramil 20 / Kismantoro).

 In his mandate, the Dandim expressed his gratitude for all the dedication and devotion so far with Kodim 0728 / Wonogiri, always keep the good name of the TNI because the soul of the army is inherent in each of us.

 Entering retirement does not mean stopping to remain devoted to the state, but still being given the opportunity to contribute his darma to society according to his abilities.

 "Retiring as a military is the beginning of service to the wider community, as well as always maintaining the image of the TNI in people's lives and transmitting the spirit of service of soldiers in the lives of the surrounding community", he said.

 Furthermore, Dandim explained that this activity was an appreciation for soldiers who entered the MPP period.

 "Many of our colleagues are unable to complete their duties properly and with dignity, therefore, you should feel proud and honored", he added.

 At the end of the mandate, the Dandim advised him to maintain the relationship and communication.

 "Don't because the MPP has already cut ties and communication with the Kodim is cut off.  We beg you gentlemen, to maintain communication, friendship and brotherhood, "concluded the Dandim.

 (Arda 72).