Anticipating Kamtibmas Danramil 03 / Rts Attends Socialization

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Anticipating Kamtibmas Danramil 03 / Rts Attends Socialization

Monday, 4 January 2021

Anticipating Kamtibmas Danramil 03 / Rts Attends Socialization

East Aceh -

In order to anticipate the security and order of the people of Alue Tuwi Gampong, Captain Inf Widarmawan attended and briefed community leaders in Alue Tuwi Village at the Alue Tuwi Village Hall, Rantau Selamat District, East Aceh Regency, Monday (04-01-  2021).

 Apart from the Danramil 03 / Rts who were present, the Head of the Sub-District and the Head of the Rantau Selamat police station were also present at the Kamtibmas Socialization activity.

 Head of Rantau Selamat Sub-district, Mr. M. Suryasyah S, STP.M.AP, conveyed to all Alue Tuwi village officials to always improve and maximize their performance in the progress of the village, especially in the field of security and public order in the Alue Tuwi village, "he said.

 He continued, Kapolsek Rantau Selamat Iptu Muhammad Mussa added that he should always stay away from drug abuse, online gambling and always implement Health Protocols, "said the Kumkamtibmas holder.

 And at the end of the Rantau Selamat Military Army meeting Captain Inf Widarmawan advised all Gampong officials present that Gampong security and order must work together in solving every problem in the village and always prioritize the principle of deliberation and consensus, and the spirit of mutual cooperation in building a safe and orderly village.  , "he said.

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